Our Philosophy

In the Junior Years, we acknowledge the unique and special role that each child plays within our community.  We aim to develop the whole child by teaching them the skills they need to manage their social, emotional, spiritual, academic and physical development.

By embedding the School's Core Commitment, Compassion, Excellence, Inclusion, Resilience and Respect into our daily lives, we endeavour to nurture a love of learning, a desire to achieve personal bests and a willingness to become resilient, independent, caring and active citizens within the local, national and global community.

The classroom is a safe and happy place in which curious and inquiring minds can evolve.  We provide our children with opportunities to develop their potential by offering a range of rich learning experiences.  We aim to create enthusiastic and engaged learners, who actively steer their own journey through a process of inquiry and self-reflection. 

Underpinning everything we do is our Christian ethos and the Pastoral Care focus that emerges out of it. We nurture a meaningful relationship with God in Christ and encourage our students to value themselves and each other, as He values them. We acknowledge the importance of maintaining a strong partnership between church, home and school as the key to ensuring our children achieve personal success.