“ I enjoy the positive atmosphere the Music Department provides me. This has helped my skills improved greatly with both my piano playing and singing.” Lara, Year 9

The value of Music education for all students is found in the unique contribution music can make to human flourishing. In a variety of sonic-social contexts, Music education seeks to develop the whole person through self-growth, self-knowledge and musical enjoyment. At Swan Valley Anglican Community School students have many varied opportunities to enrich their life through Music making.

Music photo with ukulelesPrimary Music Program

In the Primary School, student learning focuses on developing the foundation skills necessary for musical literacy in the most enjoyable way possible. The emphasis is on developing tuneful, rhythmic and expressive students who are capable of understanding music and all it has to offer. All students in Pre Primary to Year 6 meet twice a week with a music specialist and are actively engaged in making music through singing, chanting, moving, dancing, and playing games. From Year 3 students also learn to sing in parts, play tuned and un-tuned percussion, improvise and create with understanding and learn how to read and write music notation.

Example of student work:

Year 4 Student Composition: Ponies are the Best

Year 5 and 6 Band Program

Commencing in Year 5 students have the opportunity to audition for the Junior Years Band Program. Successful applicants are offered free instrumental hire and tuition for two years. Instruments currently on offer through the band program are trumpet, trombone, saxophone, bass and percussion.

Music ukulele lessonSecondary School Music Program

In the Middle Years all students study general music. General music classes focus on practical, creative music making through a wide variety of contexts. In the Senior Years, from Year 10, students can elect to study music as a specialist subject. Students interested in studying music at a tertiary level and gaining entrance to WAAPA are given additional support through one-to-one extension work and our experienced instrumental tutors.

“Music makes you feel empowered! As painful as it often is to practise, once you get something right you can’t help but feel good about yourself. Creating something that sounds beautiful is to me a feeling like no other. Being a member of an ensemble makes you feel like you’re a part of something.” - Rachael, Year 11

Examples of student work:

Year 8 Student Composition: Underground

Year 10 student Composition: 57 Chevi 

Co-Curricular Program

With Contemporary Rock and Pop ensembles, Concert Band, Jazz Bands, Choirs, Guitar ensemble, Percussion ensemble and a variety of student directed groups there is ample opportunity for all students to be involved in performances at the school and in the wider community.

“The Music Program at SVACS is great! I love the ensembles that I take part in. I learn an amazing amount of stuff at rehearsals. I’m a member of Senior Choir, Baterista and Contemporary Ensemble and enjoy them all very much.” - Caitlin, Year 7

Instrumental Lessons

From Year 1 onwards 25% of the school population is enrolled in Individual Instrumental tuition. We are fortunate to have 11 excellent instrumental tutors able to teach a wide variety of instruments, vocals, theory, song writing and music production across a variety of musical styles.

Instrumental Tuition Enrolment Form

“Playing a musical instrument is one of the most complex skills and individual can pursue. Performing in an instrumental ensemble requires an intricate combination of visual, intellectual, physical, and auditory control coupled with a perceptive decision making process. Instrumental music is a form of communicating meaning and feeling through the signs and symbols of musical notation.” - Edward S. Lisk

Withdrawal from Instrumental Lessons

If a student wishes to cease Music lessons, parents are required to provide a full School Term’s notice by filling out an Instrumental Withdrawal form. To download the form click here. Instrumental Withdrawal Form

Withdrawal forms are to be presented to the Co-ordinator of Music or emailed to the Co-ordinator of Music at Failure to provide such notice will result in parents being invoiced for the schedule of Music lessons for this period.

Music Scholarships

For information on Music Scholarships email