Senior Years (Years 10 – 12)

“The highest goal of education is to really liberate individuals–to give people the capacity, the power to become better selves.” — Yong Zhao

Welcome to the Senior Years at Swan Valley Anglican Community School

In the Senior Years at Swan Valley Anglican Community School (SVACS), we focus on graduating young men and women with integrity, resilience and a real sense of purpose. Because we live in an increasingly complex world, it is essential that students are equipped with the social, emotional and the academic skills that will best ensure success in a post school environment. The Senior Years phase at SVACS aims to do just that; by structuring the learning program to provide a first class educational and study experience.

Teachers in the Senior Years phase foster a positive achievement culture in all students by encouraging a deepening sense of responsibility for personal learning outcomes. Our Subject and Course teachers care about individual student progress and take the time to understand the personal strengths of each young person by building excellent teacher student relationships based on respect. Classes are delivered by expert teachers who are passionate about providing a stimulating learning environment that encourages students to think critically and creatively. The learning environment is friendly and supportive. Classes take place in modern and bright learning spaces with Senior Years students based predominantly in the recently completed Senior Years classroom precinct.

Allowing students the opportunity to develop strong inter-personal skills is a goal we take very seriously. Swan Valley Anglican Community School provides a variety of student leadership opportunities that allows students to grow into capable young adults who understand the importance of the school values of Faith, Commitment, Service, Compassion and Integrity. It is important to us that students leave school at the end of Year 12 with a service heart and an understanding of how they may contribute to the world.

At Swan Valley Anglican Community School, we follow the Western Australian Curriculum and offer a broad and growing suite of courses and certificates designed to both challenge and provide choice for students. The Senior Years are academically rigorous across all course pathways. All students are encouraged to set achievable goals, take reasonable learning risks and to strive to do their best both at school and in daily life. The philosophical approach in the Senior Years is under-pinned by the desire to build a growth mind-set, an approach that fosters confidence during the learning process.

We understand that these are very important years and our aim is to ensure that Senior students are afforded every opportunity to maximise academic success by making wise and informed choices. We work in partnership with our families to ensure that students gain as much as they possibly can from their final three years of high school. As such, students have access to both subject and course advice as well as Career guidance from highly experienced counsellors as they progress through Years 10, 11 and 12.

Swan Valley Anglican Community School enjoys a reputation of producing excellent academic results across all study pathways and students are encouraged at all times to take their own learning seriously. The achievement of Academic success by focusing on a deeper understanding of concepts is strongly encouraged across all Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) pathways. Students have ample opportunity to develop their problem solving and collaborative thinking skills so that they have the agility required to flourish in a global environment. Student achievement is celebrated at whole School and Senior Years Assemblies culminating in a formal Awards Presentation Event.

Wellbeing and Character Building

The Senior Students are encouraged to find their main character strengths as they journey through Years 10, 11 and 12. In addition to this, they are encouraged to work together in a spirit of acceptance and friendship. Swan Valley Anglican Community School students are also encouraged to care about the environment and to understand their role in ensuring that we build a sustainable future. Because students at SVACS are encouraged to complete community service, they have more opportunity to consider their purpose for the future. The values based Christian Education approach that continues through the Secondary School for students contributes substantially to the process of understanding what this purpose might be; shining a light on personal strengths to ensure well rounded young men and women.

We encourage a balanced and sensible approach to school life and see student wellbeing as essential for academic success. Students are provided with the tools, information and techniques that will best assist them to plan their study most effectively, whilst also coping with the demands of completing the WACE program. The pastoral care support structures ensure that students can readily seek advice and assistance should they need it.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to ensure that your son or daughter has the best possible experience during the final years of High School. Our fervent hope is that all our students will graduate from Year 12 ready to step out into the world with a solid understanding of who they are, enabling them to take their next steps with the greatest of confidence and conviction.

Mrs Penny Houghton
Deputy Principal