Essential Information Years 10 - 12


The Curriculum at Swan Valley Anglican Community School is rigorous and intended to provide students with the best opportunity to develop the necessary skills and attributes for their academic development and to enhance a passion for learning. 


OLNA stands for the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment. Some students in Years 10, 11 and 12 will be required to sit the OLNA in either March or September of any given year depending on previous achievement status.

For more information please download the following: OLNA Parent Information 

2024 Information 

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2023 Information 

2023 Course Selection and Handbooks

Year 11 2023 Senior Pathway Handbook

Year 11 2023 ATAR Course Pathway Handbook

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Career Information for Students

The Careers page provides information on post school options and information on CareerLink. For more information please visit Career Information for Students